"To give you my life, I must tell you a story."     
                                                                                                         –  Virginia Woolf

Your life is your story. Every laugh, every tear, every moment writes another chapter. There is something innately beautiful about the story you create. Together our stories form the beautiful and incredible narrative of human existence. 

Sarah Shaw is a visual storyteller, currently using her camera to tell everyday stories about everyday people with The Herald in Jasper, IN. 

A recent graduate of the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, Sarah has also interned at the Valley News, in Lebanon, NH, and The News and Observer in Raleigh, NC. Her work has been honored by College Photographer of the Year, The Webby Awards, Horizon Interactive Awards, South by Southwest Film Festival, and the National Press Photographers Foundation.

She is currently based in Jasper, IN and is available for freelance opportunities.

Contact me // sarahshawphoto@gmail.com // 423.883.1061