Dog Sledding Preview

One of my favorite things about interning at the Valley News is that I get to experience a completely new part of the country. I get to experience a true New England winter. (And apparently I chose a "good one," i.e. snow, ice and bitter cold). But despite the cold, I get to see and experience how people live in this climate. I get to see how people live, work, and play

For my February photo project with the Valley News, I profiled a local dog sledder named Fran Plaisted. She lives with her 13 sled dogs in Orford, N.H. You can read more about Fran and her pups here.

There aren't dog sledding races in Tennessee or North Carolina. I couldn't have done this story anywhere else.

I'm still editing a finalized version of the story but here is a preview of some of my favorite photos.

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